Connecticut SEO & Google AdWords Consultant

Search Engine Optimization / Google AdWords Certified / Freelance Specialist In Connecticut

SEO, Google Adwords & WordPress Freelance Consultant

  • Over 12 years experience with SEO & Google AdWords. 

SEO pro with over 12 years experience developing SEO campaigns, creating and managing Google AdWords, monitoring keyword rankings, analytics, keyword research, on-site SEO audits, WordPress, social media optimization, link building, and affiliate marketing.

I can meet the needs of your business by providing my talents to improve SEO and AdWords management with my creative approach and research and analysis skills. I will provide my knowledge, services, and expertise to manage all facets of SEO, AdWords, and content marketing.

I adhere to Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and best practices and extensively follow all Google algorithm changes. Websites need to be SEO-ed to according to Google's guidelines both on-page and off-page for the best possible search engine rankings.

With Google's heavy focus on Local SEO, mobile search, high-quality content, and targeted long-tail keywords, Google is providing key SEO opportunities for businesses to increase their search engine results footprint.

My Local SEO services deliver results in Google's search engine rankings needed to grow and expand a business. I focus on Local SEO and submission to high-quality local citation submission directories which can rank you high in Google's search engine results pages and top 3 local “snack pack.”

Websites need to be mobile-friendly and fast.  Users search more on their mobile phones than their desktops, it is estimated over 60% of Google’s searches are from mobile devices.

Experienced with technical SEO audits using Screaming Frog Search Spider, MOZ Pro and other utilities and site crawlers and know how to fix issues.

WordPress sites need to be properly SEO’ed, fast and compelling so visitors stay on the website and click through the funnel toward an ultimate conversion. I’ve created, maintained, posted quality SEO content for over 100 WordPress sites.

My rate is $60/hour to retain my services. No long-term contracts, cancel at any time.

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